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Sonic Jungle for Capitaine Futur

Les Voyages de Capitaine futur, in cooperation with the Creative Europe programme of the European Union commissioned FDDS to conceptualise, design & create a digital installation to be exhibited at several international events, venues and festivals within 2018 and 2019 to an audience of children and families

The theme, “Supernatural: stories of worlds to come” aimed to elicit poetic visions, narrative approaches and fictional tales that recount a land where humans are no longer central and undergo a metamorphosis upon contact with heterogeneous beings.

Sonic Jungle is an immersive sonic experience which envelops us in an enthralling world where the tactile is inseparable from the auditory. This anarchic jungle has an endless array of hanging cybernetic vines with multiple offshoots.

A novel clamour rings out inside the installation, where intrepid adventurers soon find that the tip of each of the slender plants makes a unique noise recorded beforehand or produced using digital synthesis.

As we become captivated by the plants continuously brushing up against each other and the chorus of echoes, we perceive familiar sounds of the world in new ways and imagine those of the synesthetic landscapes of the future.

The installation is currently touring:
04/04/18 – 07/15/18    La Gaité Lyrique, Paris (FR)
17/10/18 – 26/10/18    Cinekid Festival, Amsterdam (NL)
01/11/18 – 04/11/18    Kikk Festival, Namur (BE)
(TBC) December 18 -January 19    Woelab, Lomé (Togo)

More info: http://capitainefutur.voyage/en/les-oeuvres/sonic-jungle