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Petroleum jewellery – collection I

About This Project

Range of jewels “petroleum”

Nowadays the use of oil is overwhelming, our frenzied consumption of its remaining stockroom compels us to a thought choice to come.

Paradoxically it is not a renewable resource on a human scale. This energy belongs to our offspring as a heritage, therefore we must protect it.

Jewel allows the fusion of two imagings : the precious stone with the priceless liquid.
The jewel is linked with the heritage notion.
The purpose consists in inciting minds to a new reflection on the use of this precious matter already called “black gold”.

by Florian Dussopt + Julie Girard + Jérémie Reneau
and Atelier Verre à Part (glass) + Elise Thiboud

materials : petroleum, glass made by hand with the lampworking technique, sterling silver