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Oh no john! installation

Digital, Physical, Space
About This Project

Oh no john !

This project has been developed for the exhibition Oh no john !

Two phone are connected together inside the exhibition.
People can use them to speak to each other or only listen.

The first phone give the feeling that the second person is in an airport.
The second phone give a kitchen background.

The soundscape allows people to imagine their own stories.
“Why did John go away ?

In this project, sound creates a distance between John and Mary, a way to deal with 2 different spaces : Mary’s kitchen and the airport station. Here, sounds are more evocative than realistic.
Phone is used as a link, to make those 2 spaces closer. Even if the phone speaker’s quality is bad, it helps us identify easily and clearly these places. It is neither the sounds nor the speaker that create the realism of the situation, but the sounds that fit to the speaker in this place that evocate the situation, Mary on phone with John.”

Florian Dussopt + Julie Girard + Benjamin Tessier

thanks to

Orika ! / cardboard furniture

Oh no john ! exhibition
OFF Biennale Internationale de Design
St Etienne, FRANCE

Oh no john ! exhibition
from june 21 – 22, 2008