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Kellogg’s Breakfast Inventions

Kellogg’s challenged artist Dominic Wilcox to make breakfast time more fun and interesting for families and children going back to school.

Florian Dussopt worked with Dominic Wilcox to develop these ideas into real interactive objects.

Inventions include:
Everyone who eats cereal has their own particular sogginess preference. This device allows you to set a timer precisely to your preferred cereal sogginess. Simply select one of 5 cereals and turn the dial to select your required sogginess, from ‘not soggy’ right up to ‘soggylicious’. Finally, pour your milk and press the start button. When the arrow reaches your chosen sogginess, an alarm is sounded. More info…

“Get Enough” Robot Spoon
A spoon that appears to wake up with every spoonful. Once you and your spoon are fully energised you can carry your spoon with you all day. Over the course of 4 hours the robot spoon gradually goes back to sleep, letting you know it’s time to boost your energy again. More info…

Snap, Crackle and Pop Amplifier
A cereal bowl that amplifies the sound of Rice Krispies using a microphone and volume control. More info…

Tummy Rumbling Amplification Device
Announce your hunger to the world with this wearable grumbling tummy amplifier. A microphone listens to your belly and a speaker embedded in the horn projects the sound. A volume control is included in case the neighbours complain. More info…

Crane Head Cereal-Serving Device 
Instead of just pouring your cereal into your bowl you can now use this milk powered hydraulic crane device worn on your head. Push and pull the plungers to move the digger arms. Once your bowl is full then press down the white plunger to release the milk into the bowl. More info…

Robowl: Flying Personal Assistant
Use the watch to call your own flying assistant to bring you things such as an umbrella, hair dryer or breakfast cereal. (prototype concept)

‘Breakfast is served’ pillow
Instead of shouting up to the bedroom that breakfast is ready, simply press the button on the cockerel and various sounds will be heard from the pillow’s built in speaker. Sounds range from a cockerel call to ‘Wakey wakey, breakfast is ready!’ gradually the message gets firmer with each button press if no response. More info…