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Sound Window


This project highlight the importance of a quality sound environment.

Sound Window is an object particularly adapted to places without without sound environment – or at some extreme, without windows. The device enables the user to play an external sound background in one’s home.

Like a real window which brings light and air into a home, Sound Window brings a real sound environment into your personal space.These sounds are streamed live from special places to inspire such as relaxation or travel: a market in Marrakech, a tropical wood, a beach etc.

This object can be easily and intuitively used. The left side of the window adjusts the sound volume. The more you open it the more it increases. The right side of the window selects the sound landscape and allows several opening positions.

The sound landscape is streamed wirelessly to the user’s HiFi system. The listener is totally immersed in a real and vibrant sound landscape with unlimited environment diversity.
20cm x 20cm

by Florian Dussopt + Julie Girard and Benjamin Tessier

Cité du Design St Etienne-Brasil
Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil São Paulo
São Paulo, Brazil
from 30/11/2009 to 31/01/2010

Cité du Design St Etienne-Brasil
Centro Cultural Teatro Guaíra
Curitiba, Brazil
from 22/10 to 21/11/2009

Cité du Design St Etienne-Brasil
Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil Rio de Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
from 03/09 to 04/10/2009

Flight number ten
Biennale Internationale de Design
St Etienne, FRANCE
from november 15 – 30, 2008

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