Chivas Regal Blending Experience - Florian Dussopt Design Studio
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Chivas Regal Blending Experience

FDDS has been commissioned to design the experience and interior of 3 rooms of the newly refurbished Starthisla Distillery – the oldest distillery in Scotland, home of Chivas Regal.

The Blending Room

The Blending Room offers an exclusive practical experience. An opportunity to appreciate, by your own hand, the intricacy of combining malt and grain whiskies to create a superior blended whisky.

Precise tools from the laboratory and whisky samples from the cellar are brought together with the cut-glass and brass refinement of the home of Chivas. Conviviality being key, guests are sharing the impressively long workbench, to sample, analyse and ultimately blend their own whisky under the guidance of the house expert. Each combination is labelled to be gifted.

FDDS worked closely with Chivas Regal, from the creative team to the Master blenders, to deliver a custom experience and the interior around it. 

The creative studio also designed and fabricated in-house the 5m long brass chandelier, to accompany the story within the details.